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Plain Eileen is a devout member of the Spirit Lake Sisters of Christ, the most sanctimonious singing group west of the Colorado River. But all of this changes when Eileen is violated by Pastor Mike, the godliest man in town. When news gets out, Eileen is banished from the church and outcast by all in Spirit Lake. After attempting suicide on a trail in the Rocky Mountains, Eileen is rescued by two female hitchhikers who are running away from their own home. Together they hatch a plan to take revenge on the town of Spirit Lake, and all who do harm within it. Disguised and changed, Eileen returns to Spirit Lake with her companions as Vengeance, a dangerous outlaw who is out for blood and public humiliation. Will they succeed in their plan or be stopped by Mary Crest, the head of the Spirit Lake Sisters? In this Tarantino-Esque, country thriller, Vengeance will find out what happens when women take justice into their own hands. 

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